Data Analysis with Matlab + EEGlab

Preparing data from Acquire

  • After closing the Acquire software on the Acquire computer (left computer in 1084), double-click the “InternetTopPlug” shortcut on the desktop in order to re-enable network connections.
  • Next, reconnect to the CPL drive. To do this, open windows explorer and click on the CPL drive (usually Z: ) on the left hand side of the window.
    • If the drive has been disconnected, you can remap the drive by selecting “Map network drive” on the My Computer screen.

  • Enter your login credentials in the format below:
    • CAMPUS\\userID (ex. CAMPUS\lcgayle)
    • Password (should be the same as your WM password)
    • Note: you can only do this if Dr. Kieffaber has added your credentials to the cpl drive. If your credentials are not added, find Dr. Kieffaber, Leigh, or Juston and they can log you in.
  • Once you have reconnected to the CPL network drive, find and open the “RawDataFromAcquire” folder for the relevant study.
  • Next, open the “Data_Shortcut” on the desktop and find the files that you wish to copy over.
  • Highlight and drag the desired data files from the “Data_Shortcut” folder to the “RawDataFromAcquire” folder.